If being a founder isn't challenging enough, you will eventually face one of the biggest hurdles: fundraising.  

Having seen over hundreds of Series A pitch decks, we know a fair share about the dos and don'ts of making your first deck. That's why we've decided to make a guide to rule-them-all.

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This guide is the outcome of a collab between Dutch Founders Fund and RocketX. RocketX is building the leading scaleup ecosystem in Europe, accelerating ambitious scaleups by providing access to the best talent, smart capital and new markets. Dutch Founders Fund is an early-stage VC with special interest in B2B Marketplaces and digital platforms.

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Talks coming up

Dagmar van Ravenswaay Claasen, Borski fund (Ex-Adyen)

Lessons learned of going IPO

Growth through international expansion

Rik Esselink- Chief Revenue Officer | Zenjob (to be confirmed)

The impact of selling your scale-up to a corporate

Rudy de Back - CEO Objective | Platform (to be confirmed)

How to build high performing teams

Sjaak Swart - Former Ajax player ‘71, ‘72 & ‘73 (to be confirmed)

The Guide to a Perfect Series A Pitch Deck